Melbourne Engineering Services.

BSDG Pty Ltd provides design solutions for a wide variety of new building developments and existing building upgrade works focusing on mechanical, ESD, electrical, hydraulic and fire services.

This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Residential developments including multi-residential apartments, townhouses & single dwellings
  • Commercial developments including warehouses and factories
  • Retail developments including restaurants, department stores, & associated fit-out work
  • Educational developments including schools and universities
  • Health care developments including hospitals and medical centres
  • High rise developments
  • Restaurant & cafe fit outs
  • Office fit outs
  • Air conditioning design (AC)
  • Controls system design including central BMS & DDC systems
  • Ventilation design including:
    • Assessment of the requirements for natural ventilation
    • Car park exhaust & supply air systems
    • Amenities / bathroom exhaust systems
    • Kitchen canopy design including exhaust and supply air systems
    • Smoke spill systems
    • Stair pressurisation systems
  • Specialist air conditioning and ventilation system design including clean rooms and operating theatre HVAC systems etc.
  • Central plant design including chiller, boiler systems and air-handling systems.
  • Efficiency upgrades including design of new high efficiency AC with economy cycles, CHP, boiler and chiller systems
  • Natural gas system design
  • Vertical transportation system designs
  • And more…
  • Section J Compliance Reports
  • Residential Energy Ratings (First Rate)
  • Sustainability Management Plans (SMP)
  • JV3 energy assessments including computer modelling & simulation (IES)
  • Energy audits to AS3598
  • And more…
  • Sewer system design
  • Trade waste system design (including grease arrestors)
  • Water supply design
  • Hot and cold water system design
  • Rainwater harvesting design
  • And more…
  • Fire sprinkler system design
  • Fire hydrant system design
  • Fire hose reel system design
  • Fire pump room system design
  • And more…
  • Power distribution system design
  • Emergency Power Plant (EPP) including generator systems, essential and non-essential power supply systems and associated controls
  • Server room and data centre power supply system design including uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
  • Lighting design
  • Emergency lighting and exit sign design
  • Communication systems design including NBN
  • Security system design including intruder alarm, access control and security surveillance systems
  • Public address system design
  • Audio visual system design
  • TV system design
  • Fire detection and emergency warning & intercom system design (EWIS)
  • And more…

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